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About Van Gorp Corporation

Van Gorp Company History:

Van Gorp Corporation was founded by Franklin “Hap” Van Gorp. Mr. Van Gorp started in 1933, initially performing repairs for coal mines, gravel plants, rock quarries, and area farmers. By the 1950’s, Van Gorp was manufacturing portable conveyor systems for use throughout the Midwest. Van Gorp was officially incorporated in 1957.

In 1976, Van Gorp was acquired by Emerson Electric Co., and in 1988 entered into a new organization phase called Emerson Power Transmission. In October, 2002, Emerson divested to Van Gorp Corporation.

Van Gorp is now owned and managed by company president, Joe Canfield. Today, Van Gorp’s commitment to product improvement and development has enabled the company to become a leader in engineered conveyor components.

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