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Contract Manufacturing

contract1The contract manufacturing division of Van Gorp Corporation is a full service supplier of fabricated metal products. Van Gorp can provide product development, from engineering thru prototype development to full production.

Our in-house capabilities coupled with our select Tier 1 suppliers can produce a wide range of fabricated parts.

A partial list of our in-house capabilities include:


  • Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutting tables
  • Rolling – Up to 4 inch thick material
  • Punching/Notching
  • Welding – MIG and Submerged Arc(SAW)
  • Turning Lathes – Up to 7 feet in diameter and 22 feet long
  • CNC Lathes – Up to 15″ diameter and 112″ long
  • CNC Mill
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Painting
  • Roll covering – state of the art facility, various compounds

Specialty Services

Dynamic Balancing

Tier 1 Services

Laser Cutting
Additional Machining Capacity

Non Destructive Testing

Dye Penetrant
Mag Particle

*Certified AWS weld inspectors

*Certified AWS weld inspectors

*ISO9001:2000 registered

*ISO9001:2000 registered