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DB Wing Lagging

Available on XT®, Tapered Bore or Q-D® Hubs.


DB Wing Lagging has been designed to fit the standard Turn Clean™, XT-reme™ and Heavy Duty wing type pulleys. Tough 65 durometer – SBR (styrene butadiene) rubber hot vulcanized to a formed heavy gauge metal channel makes ·DB· ready to extend the life of a Turn Clean™ Wing Pulley in even the most abrasive applications. DB will not only supply added life to your pulleys; it will reduce belt wear and can be simply and economically replaced in the field.

Installation & Replacement Procedures

  1. Remove The Worn Rubber Lagging
    All tac welds between the replaceable lagging and the contact bar are broken using a hand chisel or hand grinder.
  2. Clean Remaining Weld From Sides Of Contact Bar
    Using a hand grinder or chisel, clean all remaining weld from the sides of the existing contact bar. Remove any rust, dirt, or scale buildup from the sides and top of the contact bar.
  3. Install New Replaceable DB Lagging Insert
    winglagzoomInstall replacement ·DB· lagging section to contact bar. Starting at end of contact bar tac weld per welding instructions at slotted areas.NOTE: It is extremely important that the contact bar to lagging section fit-up as tight as possible to eliminate added stress to the tac welds. A good practice to follow is to tac weld the replaceable lagging to the contact bar first on the side towards the direction of rotation, thus ensuring a tight fit in the high stressed area.
  4. Installation When Face Width Is Greater Than 32.00″
    Face widths greater than 32.00″ will require the addition of a partial section of the replaceable lagging to be “butted” up against the 32.00″ section. Partial Sections less than 6.00″ should be discarded. Since the number and location of the notches in the replacement channel varies, a notch will need to be cut in the channel, 1.00″ in from the end of the partial section.

Welding Specifications For Replacement
Welding Wire: .09375″ (3/32) Diameter
Type – ASWS E6011 (Lincoln – Fleetwood 180)
Amps: 85 Amps
Welder: AC or DC Welder