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Double Drum™ Pulleys

Reinforced Drum-Within-A-Drum Design Saves You A Ton On Your Conveyor System!
Available on XT®, Tapered Bore, Q-D® Keyless Locking Assemblies

3. DOUBLE DRUM PARTIAL SECTIONThe most sophisticated conveyor system in the world isn’t worth a dime when it’s down. And yet, the obvious trend towards larger, more complex, more demanding systems calls for improvements in technology and engineering throughout the entire system…and the application of these improvements. The Van Gorp® Double Drum™ Pulley is in a class by itself. It is engineered to meet these demanding loading conditions and has established an impressive performance rating from many satisfied customers. In fact, with hundreds of Double Drum™ Pulleys presently in service all over the world, it has proven itself in both design and performance. The reason? A unique drum-within-a-drum design that decreases end disc slope and minimizes stress at both rim end and hub end disc locations. A pulley design that decreases shaft deflection between hubs and prevents pre-stressing the end discs when assembling taper type hubs. A pulley matched to your conveyor’s maximum capacity; then built by a precision-engineered, “two-rim-half” process that many have never considered nor taken time to imitate.

In many applications end discs can be held to a much more practical thickness which actually results in a lighter and more economical pulley than those with heavier end discs.

This is especially true in the area of conveyor pulleys. For example, in recent years, modern, high tonnage conveyor systems and the increased use of belting reinforced with steel cables have created forces not previously considered in present pulley design. The result? Pulley failure. Consequently, there has been sufficient cause for engineers to design to more conservative stress and deflection levels. In fact, until more accurate field-testing and feedback from existing applications can be accumulated, the most practical way to avoid premature failures is by designing to these lower stress and deflection levels.

The Van Gorp® Double Drum™ Pulley …saves you a ton on your conveyor system. In fact, we guarantee it…for two full years.