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Spiral Drum

Available on XT®, Tapered Bore or Q-D® Hubs.


The Van Gorp® Spiral Drum Pulley is formed by a pair of vertical steel bars helically wound around a heavy-duty reinforced drum pulley (H.D.R®) and towards one another with intervals between the convolutions of each. This unique design reduces the possibility of material build-up between the belt and the pulley in applications where self-cleaning wing type pulleys cannot be used.

Rotation of the pulley automatically starts the cleaning action, discharging foreign material to the side of the conveyor.

All pulleys are made with XT, Tapered Bore or Q-D Hubs, which permit the simplest, surest and most modern installation. Hubs are inset from the pulley end, and this inset permits the bushing to be easily removed in small confined spaces.

Available In Crown Or Straight Face
Sizes: 12″ through 44″ diameters up to 144″ face width. Larger sizes available upon request.