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Van Gorp values provide the foundation upon which our work culture is built. Our positive work environment provides the energy and drive necessary for personnel to consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the needs of customers.


The Van Gorp Corporation has embedded performance excellence into every phase of career development. Each individual is recruited, selected, trained and evaluated in relation to rigorous safety, quality, productivity, and collaboration standards. Our corporate investment in performance excellence communicates a purpose for our organization: produce products and services that meet or exceed the needs of our customers.


To effectively achieve our mission, proven methods of control have been integrated into almost every aspect of operations. Whether managing sales, purchasing, production, delivery or service, Van Gorp Corporation has defined processes to ensure production of world class quality. In each facet of business, we carefully engineer operations; direct preparations; manage execution; monitor performance; provide ongoing support; evaluate outcomes; report findings; and make improvements based upon objective results. Our commitment to discipline has created a work environment where production of world class quality and continuous improvement are cultural expectations.


Van Gorp Corporation fosters an environment where all personnel are expected to grow individually, improve departmentally, and excel corporately. We achieve ongoing development at each of these levels by empowering each individual to impact practices that directly and indirectly affect customers, employees, shareholders and our communities. Empowerment means that all personnel, regardless of position within the company, are provided regular opportunities to communicate directly with decision makers; share concerns and ideas with leadership on a daily basis; actively participate in department improvement initiatives; and contribute input and feedback regarding corporate policies and department procedures.