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Vulcanized Rubber Lagging & Grooving

Available on XT®, Tapered Bore or Q-D® Hubs.


Vulcanized rubber lagging is 45/60/70 durometer Shore A, S.B.R. black rubber without a cloth fabric. It is bonded directly to the pulley rim in the vulcanizing process. The finished rubber surface has a cloth impression. When Grooving is required, please specify whether herringbone or another type of grooving is desired. Normally, grooving should not be used in vulcanized rubber less than 3/8″ thick.

Note: Direction of grooving must be stated if we supply the lagging and install a shaft. Normally grooving should be run with the apex of the pattern leading.



Vulcanized Lagging Tolerances

laggingPlain wrapped cloth impression lagging: ± 1/8″ on rubber thickness—no concentricity tolerance guaranteed.

If you have an application for lagged pulleys that demands exact concentricity, such as some elevator pulleys, slide bed or reversing conveyor pulleys, then we suggest that you order machined lagged pulleys. True, this will cost more initially; however, in a tough application, this cost would be offset quickly by additional necessary labor when trying to train the belt.

Ceramic Lagging