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XT® Elevator (Single Disc) Pulleys



With continuously welded disc-to-rim construction and compression type hubs, Van Gorp® has turned the weak link in most elevator conveyor systems into the strong point. Now, you get a super strength, one piece, single disc steel elevator pulley, superior to any other on the market today.xtelevator (1)

Here’s why: with a Van Gorp® Pulley, you get a stronger, heavy-duty component…with high compression hub and bushing. (The XT® hub and bushing was selected because XT® holding power is unequaled in pulley applications…and “pulley walking” on the shaft IS NOT a common problem with this hub design.) Intermittent welding of the disc to the rim is common in most elevator pulleys. However, at Van Gorp®, we continuously weld the disc to the rim. Plus, the leading and trailing edges of the rim are formed before rolling. This forming process minimizes the rim seam’s flat spot.