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XT-reme™ Drum Pulleys

Available on XT®, Tapered Bore or Q-D® Hubs.
XT-Reme-DrumConveyor systems today are moving faster and carrying higher tonnage than ever before. When these systems need drum pulleys, which exceed normal ANSI/CEMA service factors, an XT-reme™ solution is required.

The Van Gorp® XT-reme™ drum pulley is designed with heavier end discs than normal ANSI/CEMA designed pulleys. They have been designed for longer life with heavy end discs (rigid design) to minimize end disc stress due to shaft bending.

xtremedrum (1)The XT-reme™ drum features the Van Gorp® XT® hub which is the premier hub and bushing system available for conveyor pulleys. The XT® hub minimizes end disc pre-stress by using a unique 2-inch per foot self-locking taper. Less pre-stress means that the XT-reme™ drum will run longer with less chance of down time than with other types of conveyor pulleys.

The XT-reme™ drum is available in diameters ranging from 10″ to 60″ and face widths to 76″. Many types of lagging are available including SBR, Neoprene and Static Conductive Neoprene.

XT-Reme Drum Pulley